Agrofirma Pole products

Product range

  • hulled millet, millet flour
  • millet shells and meals mixture
  • durum wheat, durum wheat flour
  • durum wheat husks
  • soft wheat
  • peas
  • chickpeas
  • lentils
  • sunflower seeds

Company profile

Agrofirma «Pole» was founded in 2007 to produce different high quality organic arable crops within Ukraine.
Since 2009, the company is certified by Organic Standard according to the Equivalent European Union Organic Production & Processing Standard. The company’s star product is hulled millet, which is offered in different variations. Since 2014, Agrofirma «Pole» offers also organic flour from high quality Ukrainian durum wheat. Quality control of products is carried out by own attested laboratory and by respected European laboratories.

Agrofirma «Pole» cooperates with 15 Ukrainian agricultural enterprises involving a total organic area of 9'000 hectares, located mainly in the South of Ukraine. Its processing unit is based in Cherkasy, in the centre of Ukraine. Agrofirma «Pole» has own granary silos for its organic millet, with a total storage capacity of 5'000 tons, enabling the company to do deliveries all year round.

Ivan Tomenko

Ivan Tomenko

Company address

Agrofirma «Pole» Ltd
14a/1, Surikova St.
Cherkasy city, 18 002 Ukraine

Contact persons

Mr. Ivan Tomenko /
Mr. Dmytro Solomakha
[email protected]
[email protected]
Phone: +380 47 231 9004
Mobile: +380 93 353 2237
Fax: +380 47 264 7091