Press conference «BioFach 2017: International Recognition of a Ukrainian Farmer» took place on February 22.

Ukrainian agricultural SMEs that produce quality organic products according to the EU organic rules achieve great success at the international level. However, they have to battle to survive in their own country. How does international recognition help a Ukrainian farmer to gain a foothold in Ukraine and why does the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine consider organic production development to be a priority?

The representative delegation of Ukraine has just returned from the biggest organic trade fair BioFach 2017 (Nuremberg, Germany).

«Ukrainian National Pavilion, which was organized at BioFach for the fourth time, was very successful this year», says Ksenia Gladchenko, Director of QueS consultancy body. «We are honoured to admit that Ukraine is attracting more and more attention of the international organic community not only thanks to the variety of Ukrainian organic products but also thanks to the consolidation and cooperation among the organic stakeholders and state authorities. For the second consecutive year the Forum organized within the Ukrainian National Pavilion has shown some positive trends and quality changes in the Ukrainian organic sector in terms of traceability, openness and reliability.

«Today the organic sector in Ukraine is quite young. However, we can observe a significant growth of this sector in recent years», says Olga Trofimtseva. «According to IFOAM statistics, in 2015 Ukraine had 210 certified organic farms and the total area of organic land was 410.55 thousand ha (about 1% of all agricultural land). In addition, 560 thousand ha of area for wild collection are certified. Over 80% of organic products are exported. The main importers of Ukrainian organic products are the EU countries, but the geography is gradually expanding. I am convinced that each conscious organic producer in Ukraine deserves respect because they set a high benchmark for conducting business and organizing all production processes. The main task of the Ministry, as I see it, is creating a valid and transparent legislative framework for the work of all organic operators, developing the mechanisms which would help honest producers to become competitive and the state to have effective regulation and control tools. In general, I think that Ukraine has all pre-conditions to become the „organic hub“ of Europe and the world in the nearest future».

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